Igoris Lobanovas – pilot from Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania. The career path for Igoris started in early childhood with RC airplanes and rocket models. Already by reaching 14 he flown a glider and completely fell in love with the sky. 

Presently Igoris is a professional pilot, with an experience of 6000 flight hours flown on more than 50 different aircraft models, from gliders and ultralight airplanes to aerobatic planes and jet airliners. He is also a Captain and instructor on Boeing B737 and Pilatus PC12.

His career as an aerobatic pilot started in 2014 with the Yak-52 airplane. His first competitions were held in Lithuania where he managed to win several gold medals in the Primary and Sportsman categories. Up till now, he has flown various aerobatic aircraft models with both radial and horizontally opposed engines, from Yak-55 and Extra-300 to GenPro and Su-26M.

Currently, the athlete pilot is flying in Vilnius Darius and Girėnas aeroclub with his beloved “Sbach 342” (Xtremeair XA42) airplane with which he debuted at the World Advanced Aerobatic Championship 2021




Džiugas Kačanauskas – pilot from Vilnius, Lithuania. Since childhood he spent most of his time participating in various aviation activities, seeking for the ultimate goal of becoming an aerobatic pilot. As soon as he obtained a private pilot license, Džiugas began flying aerobatics and competing in various aerobatic events, where he became a multiple champion and prize-winner. Hard work and great effort made him one of the youngest Lithuanian aerobatic team members, representing the country in European and World championships.

Throughout his aerobatic career, Džiugas has gained experience flying different types of aircraft, but currently he is focused on flying one of the most complex and world-famous SU-26M aerobatic airplane, which was originally designed for “Unlimited” category acrobatics and is widely recognized for its’ truly unlimited aerobatic capabilities.

As he dedicated his life for aviation, Džiugas graduated from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University where he obtained commercial pilot licence and a Master’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering. Currently Džiugas is an airline pilot as well.

The most significant achievements in European and World championships:
European "Advanced” aerobatics championship 2019 - 18th place overall (38 participants).
World “Advanced” aerobatics championship 2021 – 7th place overall (35 participants) and 3rd place in one of the sequences.

National awards:
Alytus cup 2014 - 3rd place
Kaunas cup 2014 - 3rd place
Alytus cup 2015 - 1st place
Kaunas cup 2016 - 2nd place
Alytus cup 2018 - 1st place
Lithuanian championship 2018 - 2nd place
Lithuanian championship 2020 - 2nd place
Lithuanian championship 2021 – 1st place



The XtremeAir Sbach 342 (XA42) is a fully composite, high performance aerobatic monoplane, powered by a 315 hp (235 kW) Lycoming AEIO-580-B1A engine. Competition aerobatic pilots admire the outstanding performance combined with superior agility and handling throughout the whole speed envelope from 100 to 417 km/h.

Thanks to the ultra strong carbon fibre structure the manoevering speed (at which all controls may be aggressively deflected) is 322 km/h. The ailerons can be fully deflected up to maximum speed which gives the plane a roll rate of up to 540°/sec at 417 km/h. It is believed that it’s impossible to break the XA42 in the air. Regardless of the stress and Gs applied - the pilot will break first!

Length: 6.67 m
Wingspan: 7.5 m
Height: 2.54 m
Wing area: 11.25 m2
Wing loading: ~68.5 kg/m2 (typical for competition)
Empty mass: 670 kg (typical maximum)
Gross mass: 850 kg (typical for competition- 770kg)
Fuel capacity: 65L aerobatic tank + 210L ferry tanks
Powerplant: Lycoming AEIO-580-B1A horizontally-opposed six-cylinder, 9.55 L displacement, four stroke engine, 235 kW (315 hp) at 2,700 rpm.
Propeller: 3-bladed MT Propeller MTV-9-B-C / 2.03 m diameter
Maximum speed: 417 km/h (225 kn)
Stall speed: 100 km/h (54 kn)
G limits: ± 10 (certification limit)
Roll rate: 450 °/sec (typical)


Su-26M is a single-seat, composite, truss-type aluminium fuselage construction aircraft designed for unlimited aerobatics. It is a perfect aircraft for both competition and airshow performance. Su-26M is mostly known as an extremely durable aircraft with the capability to withstand up to +12 and -10 Gs. 

Its’ light construction together with a 400 HP radial engine enables to perform unique gyroscopic and hovering maneuvers. It is also being recognized as one of the best sounding aerobatic aircraft.

Length: 6.9 m
Wingspan: 7.8 m
Height: 2.76 m
Wing area: 11.83 m2
Wing loading: ~65.9 kg/m2 (15.5 lb/sq ft)
Empty mass: 670 kg
Gross mass: 968 kg (typical for competition 780 Kg)
Fuel capacity: 60L + 120L external fuel tank
Powerplant: Vedeneyev M-14P, supercharged, air-cooled, 9 cylinder, 10,16 L displacement, radial engine, 400 hp, 2950 RPM at 101%.
Propeller: 3-bladed MT-Propeller
Maximum speed: 450 km/h (243 kn),
Stall speed: 110 km/h (59 kn)
G limits: +12, -10 G.
Roll rate: 400 °/sec

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